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Unicate College was established  to provide a high quality of training and development programmes to individuals and companies.

Unicate is an accredited College based in Nunhead, London and is within easy access of major road and rail links. We endeavour to equip our students with the necessary skills which would assist them to succeed in their future life.

Our mission statement: To provide internationally-recognised cost-effective quality education for the personal and professional advancement of our learners.

Our Objectives: To provide a high level of learning to students. Quality & affordable education.

The central focus of education at Unicate is that students should graduate with an ability to be effective and efficient in their future business or employments.

About us

Our teachers come form a mix of well-qualified, experienced and sociable individuals with a keen interest in teaching and learning from students. Teachers and emphasise on the theoretical understanding of the forces that drive the global economy as well as on more practical issues of daily management and business strategies.

Practical application of the theories and concepts is the heart of our education system. Our academic staff members are determined to make your experience at Unicate an unforgettable period in your life and are always available for advice and help.

Our Staff     

Our Students

Unicate always puts students first. We welcome students on our courses, we provide administrative and support services to ensure that you have a rewarding, educational and positive experience.

Our dedicated teachers endeavour to provide knowledge and academic skills to our students. Their experience with multicultural students makes it a unique experience of learning for our students. Class sessions become enhanced with lively discussions with an international perspective.

Moreover, students get to know about multiple cultures from all around the world which includes different languages, customs and traditions, political and social conditions and learning habits. This can be viewed as a perfect example of a global village.

We cover a wide range of occupational courses to help give candidates the best chance of success, for their chosen career path. Whether you are employed or unemployed or just looking to start a new career in a specific field; we are sure that Unicate will be able to support you in attaining your goals.

UK Registered Learning Provider

Unicate College Reference Number: 10036051


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